Not only am I a bargain shopper,  I’ve always been one to TRY to save a few bucks doing things on my own before hiring a professional.

Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t.

So when has it worked out, cutting my brother’s hair or own hmm… no that didn’t work out.  I’m an okay cook, but would rather leave that to the professionals, and most definitely go out to eat whenever possible.  I did think I was helping out my handyman by painting a portion of my deck, but when he repainted and was mumbling expletives, I thought I better stay out of his way…..

Ok, there has to be something, I’m good at giving my dog a bath, even though I probably get as wet as her, and she is the size of my son…….  when he was 6 weeks old… no not even good at that.  I am an excellent card maker, yes that’s it … but not if you want a card in a hurry … takes me a good 1-3 hours to create and then I have to clean up my craft room another 2-3 hours …

Ok, you get the drift, so when I thought, I would get my mom and trusted selfie stick to take my photos and have my roommate video me for my website, well have a look at the video below …

Video Take 3 — Just before I hired a professional , I attempted to have a video filmed by my friend Rob … here is one of the takes, needless to say I hired a professional the next week !!!

Posted by Evelyn L. Calaunan on Thursday, May 4, 2017

No need for me to show you the photos …(they truly suck) …  Below is the professional video , had my hair and make up done and even hired a professional photographer to take photos afterward…

The time and effort I tried to save doing it on my own could have been spent watching Ted Talks, catching up on social media or ironing (actually I would hire a professional for that or just have my clothes go wrinkly)

Honestly, the photos and even video didn’t cost me as much as I thought it would. So the point of this blog, the cost of hiring a professional is absolutely worth avoiding the frustration of your own effort.

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Love, Life & the “F” Word

As we travel through this journey called life we start to realize that our past experiences shape us to become the person we are at this very moment …

I’ve learned a few things along the way : check out chick, university student, bargain shopper, flight attendant, band groupie, papercraft fanatic, radio DJ, toastmaster junkie… (the list goes on) to currently a wedding and funeral celebrant.

So as I said on my flights …. “Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey”, except in German of course but that’s another blog post….

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