In the Moment ….

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“Love is about being in the moment ….”

And so the ceremony continued for the next few minutes, with the small intimate crowd hanging on my every word.

The bride and groom looked at me intently as the bride was holding her grooms hand tightly.

This wasn’t a normal wedding set in a garden or hotel venue filled with flowers, candles or other expensive decorations.  This wedding was held in the couple’s small living room, where the groom was bound to a hospital bed.

The reality was that the groom was diagnosed with a terminal illness with maybe days to live and it was his wish to marry his partner of over 20 years.  Of course it was my pleasure and honour to be a part of this bittersweet moment.

I treated this occasion as any of my ceremonies.  Speaking from the heart, looking at my couple straight in the eyes and smiling, even if my voice was trembling and eyes watering.  It is my job to make sure that all ceremonies I conduct are delivered with compassion, grace and warmth.

The groom repeated these words after me as he placed his bride’s ring on her finger.

“No matter what comes,
my love for you is with you always.”

At this moment, there was not a dry eye in the room.  After I declared the couple married, applause and cheer vibrated through the room, I looked at the groom and bride as tears of joy streamed down their faces.  A feeling of love embraced the whole room as everyone there knew that we had indeed just witnessed something beautiful.



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Love, Life & the “F” Word

As we travel through this journey called life we start to realize that our past experiences shape us to become the person we are at this very moment …

I’ve learned a few things along the way : check out chick, university student, bargain shopper, flight attendant, band groupie, papercraft fanatic, radio DJ, toastmaster junkie… (the list goes on) to currently a wedding and funeral celebrant.

So as I said on my flights …. “Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey”, except in German of course but that’s another blog post….

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