Funerals and memorial ceremonies are not for the dead but the living. It is a significant opportunity to be able to come together, honour your loved one, and support those left behind.

It is crucial to have family and friends gather, share stories, cry, and comfort each other. Whether this is a funeral conducted with your loved one’s body present or whether a memorial service is at a later date, it is vital to have some sort of ceremony.

If your family decides to use a celebrant, I would consider it a privilege and an honour to help you during this time to create and deliver a meaningful ceremony. I have conducted many memorial and ashes interment ceremonies, as well as over 300 funerals.  All my ceremonies are conducted with warmth, grace and compassion.

Though nothing can take away the grief of the loss of a loved one, a well crafted tribute can somewhat lessen the pain and provide a valuable source of healing.

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Memorial Service Blue Mountains

Memorial Services

There are many reasons to celebrate the life of a loved one through a memorial ceremony, these include:

  • If most of the family live interstate/overseas or timing doesn’t allow for proper planning.
  • If a pandemic restricts the amount of guests.
  • Some families would rather not have their loved one’s body at the service and prefer a photo and maybe the ashes presented in an urn, which can be made of ceramic, bronze, or wood.
  • Families who choose this option would have had a no attendance/no service cremation (the most inexpensive option for cremation) and would need to pick up the ashes from the crematorium or even a private burial.
  • In some situations, a memorial is the only option available. As sad as it seems, there are situations where no bodily parts remain or are found. Also, in some circumstances, individuals have pre-arranged to donate their body to medical research, and sometimes this is not completed for many weeks following the death. However, to facilitate the commencement of the grieving process, a memorial service can be held promptly.

At a memorial, the family can have the ashes placed in an urn with a photo displayed at the front of the ceremony space. A memorial table might also be set up with your loved one’s memorabilia – craft items, trophies, scrapbooks, etc. A memorial could take place at any number of venues, including a hotel reception room, chapel, park, beach, golf course, school hall, backyard, etc.

Ashes Internment

Many families opt for cremation so that they can scatter the ashes in meaningful and memorable spots. This action commemorates their loved one by retracing their happiest moments.  For many, there is no more profound way to honor a loved one’s memory.

In the last few years, I’ve been involved in a few ‘interment of ashes ceremonies’ at local cemeteries, in which a designated area is allocated for permanently placing the ashes, either within a columbarium niche or directly into the ground. A memorial plaque with your loved one’s name would be displayed.

There is value in having a loved one’s ashes in a permanent resting place.  It allows the family to visit at any time, reflect, and even find comfort to celebrate good news and to share. As human beings, we crave physical closeness with our loved ones. Having something to touch – a marker, a plot of soft grass – connects us to the loved one’s essence and can help make the separation feel less final.

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Memorial Blue Mountains 01

Collumbarium of niches where ashes are directly placed in.

Memorial Blue Mountains 02

Ashes to be directly interred into ground, at designated plot at Leura Memorial Gardens.

My family and I were so relieved that Evelyn was able to be there for us after our Mum died last year. It was very important to my sister and I that we create an event for our family and friends that was unique and reflected the person our Mum was and everything she meant to us. Evelyn was there beside us to guide us through the planning of the memorial at every step of the way, making suggestions about various aspects of the service, while being completely respectful of our vision. Evelyn’s confident, caring and warm presence was exactly what we needed to get us through a difficult but ultimately uplifting day. We know that we sent our Mum off well, and many people commented to us afterwards that it was the most beautiful and engaging celebration of the end of life that they had ever been part of. Thank you, Evelyn.

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Thank you for the most beautiful ceremony, we were both incredibly touched by your kind words and all the love you put into it. Lucy & Tim

Evelyn's professionalism, sensitivity & compassion were thoroughly appreciated during what was a very difficult time. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the services of a celebrant. Henry

Her warmth, sensitivity, flexibility & professionalism make her a perfect choice for anyone. Robyn Yates RN CEO Blue Mountains Cancer Help Inc.