Love, Life and the “F” Word

One Photo At A Time
One Photo at a Time
Have you noticed that the very worst episode in your life, can be the main theme which defines who you
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How Two Funerals Changed My Life
How two funerals changed my life forever
The final celebration for a family’s loved one will be one of the hardest days of their lives. My own
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Planning Your Funeral 03
Planning the one thing in life that happens to us all – Your funeral
How many of us can say that we know what we want our funeral to be like, let alone making
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Whoever Conducts The Ceremony Sets The Tone
Whoever conducts the Ceremony sets the tone
One of the most critical decisions when planning a funeral or memorial service will be to decide who will conduct
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Choosing The Right Funeral Music
Choosing the right funeral music
I didn’t realise the importance of choosing the right music until I worked my very first funeral in December 2007.
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Not only am I a bargain shopper,  I’ve always been one to TRY to save a few bucks doing things
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In the Moment ….
Listen to the audio version of the blog post below. The audio is read by me. “Love is about being
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Listen to the audio version of the blog post below. The audio is read by me. I have always considered
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Bargains can change your life
I’ve always been a bargain shopper.  I probably buy things I don’t need just for the sheer pleasure of saving
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The “F” Word
  Excuse me, I can hear you saying. Just in case you have come across this blog, I wanted to
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just in case -blue mountains celebrant
Just in Case
If you think about it most of us plan for those milestone events in our lives weddings, trips overseas, our
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