Love, Life and the “F” Word

In the Moment ….
  “Love is about being in the moment ….” And so the ceremony continued for the next few minutes, with
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I have always considered myself to be a professional but sometimes I hear things literally and it’s not exactly the
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Bargains can change your life
I’ve always been a bargain shopper.  I probably buy things I don’t need just for the sheer pleasure of saving
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The “F” Word
  Excuse me, I can hear you saying. Just in case you have come across this blog, I wanted to
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life celebration
Life Celebrations
A life celebration is a celebration of someone’s life before they pass away. It gives family and friends an opportunity
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just in case -blue mountains celebrant
Just in Case
If you think about it most of us plan for those milestone events in our lives weddings, trips overseas, our
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